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NeedForGoodFoundation is a public charitable trust executed on 10th February 2016 by miss Krishna gautam.

The trust was formerly named as PRISHA CARE FOUNDATION. NGO has always worked to create a sense of brotherhood , cooperation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the members of the society and also amongst the general public. We want to set motion and play a proactive role in giving direction for a quiet social movements/revolution for socio economical, educational, cultural, societific, financial, technical, ethical prosperity and take spearheaded initiative in the benefit of throughout messes of world of living creatures.



  • Community Is An Agent For Development.
  • Crisis Is An Opportunity For Development.
  • No One Should Be Assisted Unless They Be Tested For Community Spirit.
  • Gender Perspective - "Equal Pay For Equal Work".
  • Development Is A Chain Reaction - "Spirit Effect".
  • Development Is A Qualitative Challenge.
  • Real Development Is Real Presence


We have successfully launched programmes that will ensure welfare for underprivileged children, nationwide. Browse through our aim and approach in each of these programmes.

Homeless Children

We aim to carry out all the necessary programmes for the relief, rehabilitation, welfare and development of homeless children


Children around the world are given the educational materials needed for success in the classroom with the help of corporate partners and educators.


To promote culture, diversity and pluralism through feature films, short films, street plays, documentaries, musical dramas and advertisements.


To promote, train, develop, improve and maintain, health, fitness and sports, by aligning with our objectives and establishing partnership with industries, NGOs and governments, working in the area.


NeedForGoodFoundation Livelihood initiatives Vocational Training, Career Guidance, Placements.


To create awareness, organize health camps, impart health related trainings, open hospitals and do other works in the various fields of public health such as Maternal and Child Health, Family Welfare, Communicable Diseases, Lifestyle Diseases, Mental Diseases etc.

Special Interventions

NeedForGoodFoundation,apart from its regular programmes, has been taking up many immediate measures.

Awareness Programmes

Programmes Such As Exhibitions, Meetings, Meals, Quality Of Life Improvement Programmes.

Women Empowerment

Our ambition is to have a society that is free from disparity and provides equal opportunities to women

Founder Mesaage

You are also welcome to work and join hands with our team of volunteers, and get yourself acquainted with the change, that stays long!

Krishna Gautam
Settler Cum President.

She is a renowned Bollywood actress, involved in various charitable and cultural promotion activities.

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